“My inspiration comes from nature itself, as it represents a canvas in perpetual motion. My passion for drawing and painting animals has been a lifelong obsession as it depicts the great respect I have for all living organisms. By representing animals in their natural environment, it is my hope to inspire others to appreciate and value the beauty that surrounds us all. If I can captivate the viewer and evoke a feeling of empathy and respect towards the subject, only then do I feel I have truly succeeded. “

Well-known for her captivating wildlife and pet portraits, Colette Theriault’s work is found in private and corporate collections around the globe. The fluency with which Colette renders her endearing animal portraits is the culmination of a lifetime of study and a fascination with all things animal and their environs. Entirely self-taught, she uses predominantly soft pastels or graphite to capture the essence of her subjects in a photo-realistic style. Deep admiration and empathy for all living creatures continues to fuel the inspiration behind Colette’s work.

A naturalist and conservationist, Colette is a signature member of the prestigious Artists For Conservation, a world renowned international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world.


Theriault’s award-winning paintings have been displayed locally and internationally at several prestigious exhibitions. These include the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum AFC Exhibition and the Annual Exhibition of Nature In Art. Her work has also been featured in the Artists for Conservation Annual Art Festival and The Pastel Journal’s Pastel 100 International Competition.