Taking and choosing your perfect photo:

Please consider that the better the photographs, the easier it will be to draw or paint your pet. This leads to quicker results and better representation of your portrait. For example, good lighting is important to capture true eye and fur color of your pet and good focus allows to see visible fur direction in detail. Below are some important points to remember when taking photographs of your pet. Use a good quality smartphone or digital camera.

  • Natural daylight is preferred to flash photography. Diffused, natural light often brings out the most detail and color. If at all possible, take photos outdoors on a bright but cloudy day. If the situation demands indoor photography due to safety or weather conditions, take photographs near a brightly lit window (avoiding cast shadows on the subject).  In all cases, avoid busy backgrounds.
  • Take advantage of candid moments when your pet is calm and restful. If your pet won’t sit still, have someone gently hold him/her in position and provide treats and toys to keep them engaged. It doesn’t matter if the arms and hands are in the photograph as they can usually easily be removed for the portrait as long as they don’t hide important features such as markings.
  • When taking photos, don’t look down at your pet. Always get down to your pet’s eye level and photograph close enough so that your pet fills most of the frame. Hold the camera as steadily as you can, for a nice sharp image while focusing on the eyes. Take multiple poses, framing your shot in different ways.
  • Try to keep in mind the personality of your pet and how you would like him/her to be portrayed. If you’d like multiple pets in one portrait, you don’t need to sit them all down together. Several separate photos will be fine, and often, easier to accomplish.
  • Most importantly, have fun all the while keeping the photo session a positive experience for your pet. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!
Example of a suitable reference photo. Don’t be shy to try non-traditional poses!